2.1.49: Undo Import no longer working?

Until recently, after importing from a text file, the Undo (Ctrl Z) function worked. This was really helpful when the import dialog flags a problem. You undid the import, fixed the problem, and imported again.

For some reason, in 2.1.49, Undo no longer seems to work, whether selecting it directly from the Edit menu or hitting Ctrl + Z.

Am I missing something? Would love to have that working again. Thanks in advance for any insights.

The importing code needs to be updated to work with the new undo handling in 2.1.45+. After the 2.1.50 release stabilises, that’s next on the todo list.

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Hi Damian,
Thank you for the good news.
Those of us who manage notes with text files do a lot of importing. Guessing we’re a small minority though. :grinning:
Wishing you a relaxing holiday season and a fun 2022.

Oh, slightly off-topic but to bring a bit of cheer, here’s a bit of “text editor porn” showing a note being edited in a convenient highlighting format where different colors show the different fields.

If anyone is interested in learning more, let me know.