"1 hours today"

I’ve noticed that if you study for exactly one hour, you’re told “Studied n cards in 1 hours today (_m_s/card).”

This is an incredibly minor point, but ideally it would say “1 hour” instead of “1 hours” (but be plural again for “1.1 hours”, “1.2 hours”, etc.).

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There would be problems when translating into other languages that have considerably more complicated numbering grammar beyond the simple “1=singular, other=plural”. Slavic languages, for instances.

Perhaps a grammar-neutral version, like:

Studied today:
Cards: n, Hours: 1

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Our code can handle such plurals already; this is a corner case. I’ve logged it on “1 hours today” · Issue #3102 · ankitects/anki · GitHub


This is an excellent point.