1: Brave browser on ubuntu and umlauts. 2:When anki looks at files on laptop, no longer alphabetized

I have been usung anki for roughly a year (on windows). Recently converted to ubuntu. Just today I had 2 peculiar things happen. When using brave browser to download pronunciations, if there is an umlaut, anki cannot see the audio file. If i avoid anki and navigate to the file, it plays with no trouble. But if I am building a card and from withing anki I navigate to the folder holding the file, there is no file. I tried firefox and it works fine, so problem solved. But still curious. Second issue is that when I navigate (from within anki) to the folder holding the subfolder which hold the audio files, they are no longer alphabetized. Makes it difficult to find the correct file. Not impossible, just time consuming. Closed folders, re-opened. Same. Closed anki and folders, re-opened. Same. Closed everything. Re-booted. Same. Anki is only on this laptop. Not linked to anything else. Ubuntu 22.04. Hints?

It pains me to admit this. While the file name column was random, I eventually noticed that the date column was very tidy. One might almost call it orderly. Yep, the whole non-alphabetical mess was the result of accidentally clicking on a column header. I can hear you laughing.