Where can I view my SM2 retention rate?

Where can I view my SM2 retention rate on Anki?

AnkiDroid says 85.58% for mature cards.

“Answer Buttons” on Anki says 85.24% for mature cards.

Is this the SM2 retention rate?

I just updated to AnkiDroid 2.17.6, so it has the same graph as Anki. However, AnkiDroid still says 85.58%, while Anki still says 85.24%.

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Anki itself doesn’t directly display the SM2 retention rate. The values you’re seeing in AnkiDroid (85.58%) and Anki (85.24%) for mature cards are likely estimates based on your review history.

Here’s what you can gather from those numbers:

1. Both Anki and AnkiDroid are showing similar values around 85%, suggesting you're forgetting around 14-15% of your mature cards.
  1. The slight difference between Anki and AnkiDroid might be due to how they calculate the estimates or the specific data they consider.
    nki still says 85.24%.

But AnkiDroid now uses the same code at the desktop version. Shouldn’t the numbers be the same?

Are you using 24.12.1?

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Anki 24.12.1
Ankidroid 2.17.6

Wait you bamboozled me. There is no 24.12.1.

But I am using 23.12.1.

Sorry, typo. I’d expect them to behave the same, as AnkiDroid is using the same version of the desktop code. If you force a one-way sync from computer and then to phone, do the counts still differ?

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Sorry, I’m an idiot. One was set to year stats, one was set to all-time stats.

They are the same.

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