V3 Scheduler. Limits Proposal


Background: I have a parent deck “Languages”, 4 specific subdecks, and subsubdecks with different aspects for each language: vocabulary, symbol drawing, reading, audio, etc.

I know how many reviews I want to do on “Language X::Vocabulary” and on “Language Y::Grammar”. Now I have to have 100000 different “Options” presets, one for each deck, subdeck, and subsubdeck. When I want to change “Learning steps”/“Starting ease” I have to do it 100000 times.

Concern: The current implementation of scheduling limits is not flexible. I have never could obtain the expected result.

Proposal 1: The limits should be defined per deck, not per scheduler options. I want to have 1 intervals and ease preset for all my “Vocabulary” subsubdecks (with high and low priority) and share it.

Proposal 2. Anki already allows custom limits for deck, one can increase or decrease review and new limits manually. It might be useful If any deck had an option to edit these limits automatically.

I use Anki every day and I like it. Thanks for your work. I think that V3 scheduler could be more out of the box of V2.

@Rumo has suggested something like this in the past, and it’s on the todo list to look into.

It was @cqg’s idea, I just supported it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Whoops, sorry @cqg :slight_smile:

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