UWorld2Anki Chrome add-on giving me random cards

Hi all

I recently downloaded and started using the UWorld2Anki Chrome add on. However, I noticed that sometimes it will give me random cards when compared to the “Find cards from UWorld test” add-on. For example, I tried using question ID 117 from the Step 1 QBank, and it gave me around 30 cards ranging from Cardio to Derm, even though it’s an ID question. In comparison, when I manually entered the ID to the “Find cards from UWorld” add on, I only got the relevant cards.

Does anyone know how to fix this or how to configure the Chrome add on so that it only gives me the relevant cards? TIA!

Edit: I just noticed that this happens because the Chrome add on will give me any card that includes those ID numbers (ie in this scenario it would give me cards from question ID 117 but also from x117 or from 117x). Anyone know how to fix this?

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