Typing feedback on iOS

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I really like the typing feedback that Clozemaster has, and I was very happy when I found the script discussed in the thread above.

However, it doesn’t seem to work on the iOS app. Does anyone know how it can be tweaked to work for iOS, or is it simply not possible?

I’m afraid the typing section can’t currently be customized, as it’s implemented outside of the main study area.

Thanks for your reply!

Does that also mean that the input can’t be monitored and some other part of the page can be changed instead?

That’s correct, it is not possible to monitor what is typed in. You may be able to add a typing box inside the webview, but it would not be able to use the standard {{type:Field}} syntax, and I’m afraid it’s not something I can provide assistance with.

Okay, that’s too bad! This is the only USP for Clozemaster, so I was hoping to implement it in Anki (which is way ahead in every other sense).

Thanks for taking your time to answer! I hope that the implementation of the typing box will be improved for iOS in the future!

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