Tippy Tooltips [Official Support]

Since I cannot reproduce the issue, I’ll need you to download AnkiWebView Inspector - AnkiWeb, then right-click somewhere on the editor and choose “Inspect” to open the dev-tools. Navigate to the “Console” tab and check if there’s any error popping up when you perform a tooltip insertion.

I’ve been planning to refactor the add-on anyway (I’ve noticed a few hickups myself), so there’s a good chance your issue would get resolved as a side-effect.

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Thanks! Done, this is error pops up:

editor.js:7 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'querySelector' of undefined
    at w (editor.js:7)
    at Array.M (editor.js:7)
    at HTMLButtonElement.o (editor.js:7)
    at note_creator.js:33
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at HTMLButtonElement.$t (note_creator.js:33)
    at HTMLButtonElement.v (note_creator.js:34)

Hello, first, thank you for the useful add-on.

Anki 2.1.54 (rc1), Windows 10:

Most of the times, when I try to add a tooltip, the tooltip menu appears in the wrong position, i.e. always at the top-left of the screen (no matter which field I’m currently modifying)

This tooltip menu is also buggy.

  1. I cannot click on the red “x” button to close it
  2. If I write anything in it and then click on the green “🗸” button, an empty tooltip is added instead.
    (Here is what I see after writing something in the tooltip and checking the console

I can then open and edit this empty tooltip and it will work as expected.

This behaviour appears to happen both in the Add window, in the Editor and in the Browser.
EDIT: if I open the editor of a note that already contains a ‘tippy tooltip’ and click on the “tooltipped” words, the tooltip editor does not open. It becomes responsive to clicks only after I add a new tooltip (following the steps listed above)


  • when in the Browser, the dotted underline below words is sometimes not displayed (but I still can click on them to edit the tooltip)
  • when adding tooltips, &nbsp; are often added before and after the tooltip (not sure if this is due to the add-on)
  • when deleting tooltips, sometimes some other portion of the adjacent HTML code is also deleted (I cannot recall the steps to reproduce it)