This message keeps popping up?? What do I do?

An error occurred. Please use Tools > Check Database to see if that fixes the problem.
If problems persist, please report the problem on our support site. Please copy and paste the information below into your report.
Anki 2.1.54 (b6a7760c) Python 3.9.7 Qt 5.14.1 PyQt 5.14.1
Platform: Mac 13.0
Flags: frz=True ao=False sv=2
Add-ons, last update check: 2023-01-25 21:00:19

Socket error
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 132, in _flush_exception
File “”, line 270, in _flush_some
File “waitress.wasyncore”, line 431, in send
OSError: [Errno 55] No buffer space available

Restarting your Mac may help.

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