Solution for click text to play sound

Many people may already know but I just realized that if you uncheck the option “Show play buttons on card with audio” (picture 1) or try to hide them by adding CSS code like:

.soundLink, .replaybutton {
display: none;

the audio won’t be playable on Windows.

I have consulted several topics about this issue but have not found any code that still works until now. Today I realized that the problem is simpler than I thought, here is the code if you are interested.

<div class="word_front" data-audio="sound-word">{{Word}}</div>
<span id="sound-word">{{Sound_Word}}</span>

  (() => {
    const elements = document.querySelectorAll("[data-audio]");
    for (const el of elements) {
      el.addEventListener("click", playSound);
    function playSound(evt) {
      const el ="[data-audio]");
      const audio = document.querySelector('#' +;
      audio.querySelector(".soundLink, .replaybutton").click();


#sound-word {
	display: none;

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