Several question regarding colour labels/flags

  • How can I display the colour labels also in note view?
  • Can I somehow remove all labels at once? Currently you have to match the keyboard shortcut of the individual label (eg. cmd + 3).


I fear the answer to both questions is no (at the moment).

  • Flags apply to individual cards, so it sort of makes sense to not show them in note view, but perhaps we could show them when all cards of a note are flagged.
  • A “Clear Flags” action could be put at the bottom of the Flags submenu.

Maybe the flags could be shown with a dashed border if there is at least one card that has this flag, but not all, and shown regularly is all cards have this flag. That would be a better way to aggregate the information IMO than not showing anything if at least one card doesn’t have a given flag.


If the cards are flagged red, ctrl/cmd+1 will remove the flag. If they’re not flagged red, pressing it twice will remove the flag.