Script that displays only selected tags conditionally in review mode

I look for script or add-on that displays only selected tags and hides or not displays at all the other.

I use tags for keeping order in my decks and some tags play a different role for me than others, so that’s why I don’t need to see all of them when reviewing.

Or you need to read the manual(?)
Custom study, filtered deck

Sorry, I didn’t express myself clearly. I don’t want filtered deck. It is not about selecting cards.

My intention is to view only certain tags by placing in template a script, so that I can see these selected tags while reviewing and not see other tags. In other words I want to see tags conditionally, for example:
tag = phrasal_verb → action: display
tag = abc → action: don’t display

The trick might be not to put {{Tags}} in template but to add some code that would just display some text if it equals Tags field candent, for example

if there is “phrasal_verb” tag in Tags field → display text

if there is “abc” tag in Tags field → do nothing (this is probably not necessary)

No you’re right, I’m ret*rded, sorry I don’t know but this might help


Thank you very much. It works.