Request CTRL + and CTRL - to change card font by a multiple

Depending on what platform I’m working on, the font of the cards is either just right, or just wrong.

I’m used to being able to CTRL + and CTRL - to change the font size on my browser.

Can you make this available on the desk top?

I tried “Set Font Size” but all it does is change the font of my app, not the cards themselves.

I’d like to maintain the ratio on the card (some cards have lines with smaller fonts for notes).

I guess what I’m asking for is some kind of magnifier, that I can control from my keyboard that just affects the cards, not the entire app.

A couple of updates
The “Changing the font” page of the manual has a helpful looking line with a link
" To change the font when reviewing, please see [here]"
However, (today, 6 June 2021) that link takes to the “Introduction” page.

Also, I did find a “User interface size” control at the bottom of:
Tools | Preferences | Basic
It’s getting the job done, but it took me a 40 minutes of web searches and dead ends to stumble across it.
I’d still like to be able to change the card size on the fly like I can my browser.

Would this addon work for you?

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in case the first add-on mentioned above don’t work:

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Zoom works great, thanks cqg

I will keep this one in my back pocket in case I run into any of the problems mentioned in the comments for the first one.
Thank you both.