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Relicense under GPL or allow a commercial license?

Many employers choose to ban AGPL-licensed software at work computers, e.g.

Anki is now explicitly targeted, and I’m no longer allowed to use it for work purposes.

Relicensing it under GPL, or, alternatively, introducing a commercially-licensed version of Anki would fix it.

I’m afraid we’re stuck with the current license for now - dropping AGPL means people can take the code, put it on the web and not share any changes they make, and an optional commercial license is not possible while parts of the code and dependencies are GPL. You should be able to use the mobile clients or AnkiWeb for now.

This makes sense, thank you for clarifying the situation.

It’s a (very) long shot, but I wonder if it might be possible to offer to a few companies, at no charge, free GPL licenses that will terminate in 1 year unless extended. If the company doesn’t do anything bad, Damien could extend the license by another year. No large company will bother trying to do anything sneaky, since 1 year isn’t enough time to gain any benefits. And yet, 1 year is probably long enough that they would allow employees to use the software (as long as the GPL license to the given company isn’t terminated). And I am reasonably certain that any bad behavior by a large company will be immediately reported on this forum, by the employees of the culprit company.

It might be too much work though, I’m not sure…

If it is possible though, it might make many users happier, and hopefully also add more people who support Anki in various ways.

Many tech companies (e.g., Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc - see details) ban AGPL software from internal use. Surprisingly, such a ban extends to employees using the software on company devices. This means that hundreds of thousands of people who work in those companies cannot use Anki desktop until they get home. I was wondering if there is some way to create an alternative license (paid or unpaid) for people who run into this problem?

Thank you!

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Ah thank you p4nix for linking to the existing thread! Sorry for missing it.

I’m afraid that would not work - imposing an “only for company x” or “only for employee studying” restriction would be breaking the GPL.