Regular expression: current deck name

Is there any way to get the current deck name by using regular expression?
ex. dec:AAA:BBB:CCC
CCC would like to be got retrieved

In which context do you want to use this? There is probably a better way than to use a regex.
But techincally, (?:.+::)?(.+) would probably capture the deck name without parents.


following case,

“AAAA” would like to be replaced with the deck name which the card belongs to.

Find: AAAA
Replace with: (?:.+::)?(.+)
set on → Treatment input as a regular expression

Failed to replace with when executing the replace command above;

That’s not how Find & Replace works. You use a regex to find/capture stuff and a backreference like $1 to replace with it.
What is “FRONT:DECK:AAAA” and where does it appear? If you want to see the deck name on a card, put a special field on the template.

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