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Quizlet Add-on Issue

I’ve been trying to add a deck and it says “sorry, im a captcha behind and to disable my vpn.” I tried to go through grit hub but it didn’t work either. please help

First option is to install a VPN. It might and might not help.
Second option is to install this version and manually solve a captcha challenge.

Do you know how I would download the vpn? because I tried to manually solve the captcha but it didn’t work.

You could do an Internet search on VPNs. It’s a big topic. I don’t use VPNs due to security issues (even if VPNs isolate traffic, they still collect the IP addresses used). Maybe the Firefox VPN might be the best solution as Mozilla is not in the business of collecting user data.

I can’t recommend any VPN service. Depending on the VPN, the issue might be still present and won’t go away.

But what happens when you try to solve the captcha? Did you see the captcha or did you see the Quizlet set just fine?

Once you clicked all appropriate pictures, click Check.

You should see the Quizlet set.

Then press OK to import it.