Pitman Shorthand New Course

Shorthand is a way of writing notes using a carefully designed system of squiggles, dots and dashes, each one standing for a consonant or vowel in British English. Pitman New Era Shorthand was the most common format in England until 1975, when Pitman 2000 came out. In the US, Gregg shorthand was/is the more popular format.

This deck is based on the 1968 version of the New Course (!) which is based on the ‘New Era’ shorthand system (1922). It is tagged with paragraph/section numbers (eg #001), short forms, vowels, heavy/light dot/dash, etc.

There are a few sites online where you can learn Pitman shorthand, and several videos on YouTube.


Can you link the shared deck?

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Link to deck: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1921800833