Order notes by biggest interval

This makes no sense because the cards have the intervals, not the notes

But, Is it possible to order notes using the bigger smaller interval of all the cards belonging to a note?

Since this has been moved to suggestion i guess its not possible right now

Maybe im overcomplicating things but this is my use case for the suggestion :slight_smile: :

Due to the nature of my cards, I have to edit lots of cards to fix them, which i mark in different ways. I dont have time everyday to make all of the edits, so they pile up

At the end of the day, I try to fix first everything rated:1, so i dont accidentally see cards that i am not supposed to while fixing them

Some days i have time and energy to tackle the pile of cards need fixing and since i usually never have time to fix them all, id like to start with the cards lest likely to see in the close future

Due or interval is not very useful because the other cards on the same note might be due tomorrow

And thats why i would like someway to order notes by how close i am to see some of the cards :slight_smile: