New Cards show wrong "Added"-Date in Card info (+49153-11-04)

Hello. At the moment, when adding new cards, irrespective of the note type, there’s always one card of the note type where the creation-date (in the browser window) and the “Added”-date (in the little “Info” window) are correct and identical. However any other card of that note type shows the following Added-Date: “+49153-11-04” (the Created-date in the browser window is correct though). Furthermore the card-ID of all those cards with the strange Added-date is three digits too long.

So for example, if I create a card with the Basic (and reversed card) note type, the card Front - Back is fine but the card Back - Front has the problem. When creating a card with the Basic note type the single resulting card is fine.

The problem occured about a week ago. I don’t know any significant changes I made. At first I thought it’s due to an addon but even with all addons diabled the problem remains.
At this time I was on version 2.1.35 of Anki. That’s where the problem was pretty much inconsisent meaning not all the new cards had this strange Added-Date. Some got it, some didn’t but I couldn’t find out a pattern when it happens. Anyway now I’m on version 2.1.42 and now the problem IS consistent: Every new card of a note type but one shows this problem without any exception so far.

Any idea what might cause the issue? Do you need more information? Thank you.

This likely happened because an add-on added cards with overlong ids. (The card id is a timestamp encoding the date of card creation.) See here:


Okay after removing all the cards with the incorrect added-date and overlong card IDs, it worked again.
The first cards with those incorrect values were in a shared deck I downloaded.
Thanks a lot for your help.

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