Nederlands Leren Assistent

Hoi allemaal, a’hello.

A friend of mine and I worked on a quick patch up to an existing Anki add-on, the Reviewer Context Menu Search (Reviewer Context Menu Search - AnkiWeb), which is based on Glutanimate’s addon (Context Menu Search - AnkiWeb).

The add on adds context menu entries for searching various online search providers.


Here’s what it looks like on Anki, when you right click a word, you have the regular options to search it in various websites. Currently the default websites are Forvo, Reverse & the main feature of this app is the “Woordenboek definitie”.

The “Woordenboek definitie” option uses BeautifulSoup to scrape the word definition in the website, a free Dutch dictionary.

Here’s what it looks like when you select that option:

As you can see, if there are more than one definitions for one word, it should show them all in that Qt window.

Made with :heart: for r/learndutch

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