My shared deck hasn't appeared on any lists

Hello! I’ve shared deck recently, about 12h ago, but it isn’t coming into existence on any language lists.
On the other hand I received it’s html address as if the deck had been actually shared: Practical Eng idioms [en-en-ru] - AnkiWeb
How is it possible for would-be interested people to find the deck even if I (sharer) can’t?

Okay, I think I’ve got it: it was necessary to completely spell out the language for which and in which the cards were made either in the name of the deck, or in tags. Not Eng or Ru, but English and Russian.
The new link now is Practical English idioms [En-En-Russian] - AnkiWeb So you can see that the names of the languages are now written in full (unlike the previous version of the name), in addition spelled out full languages in the tags in the description of the deck.
Maybe it will be useful to someone.