Move IO Toolbar from Top

Image Occlusion toolbar being on top makes sense for desktop but the same isn’t very ergonomic for the mobile apps (AnkiDroid).

Is there any way this can be solved? Most apps like Google Photos have their tools on the bottom. For most people, the fingers can reach the bottom very easily and as such, can the toolbar be moved to that place? I just don’t think it should be on top (left one is probably fine there).

Thoughts and opinions are welcome.


Can you clarify a few things so that folks can respond to you?

  • I think you’re talking about Image Occlusion – is that right?
  • Is your suggestion about AnkiDroid or AnkiMobile?
  • Consider including some screenshots of what you’re describing.
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When creating such notes in ankidroid, I use both hands, so there won’t be much benefit from the innovation. But still, this offer will make the function more convenient.

Wouldn’t it be better to remove the scrolling and place the tools in two rows?

What I would like is the ability to select multiple fragments when there is another one in between. For windows, it could be a press using the Ctrl + Left Button Mouse and on android, it could be a long tap. Maybe there is already such an opportunity and I don’t know about it?

When I first came across this tool, it was more clear to me how to switch to note in ankidroid than in the desktop version.

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Any reason you changed the category? I will not change it if there’s good reason this is the right category.

The Anki category is confusing, since we are talking about ankidroid.

It’s a suggestion about changing something in AnkiDroid. It won’t be seen by the right audience in the wrong category.

I want dae to see it and this is a change I want from Anki’s side as the screen is imported from there.

That was definitely not clear from your original post. Not sure how fruitful that will be, but at least you’ve clarified now what you’re looking for.

It’s not possible to do it from AnkiDroid’s side. I also confirmed it before coming here (well, I wasn’t explicitly told it’s impossible but I was directed to make a post here).

The IO screen in mobile clients is temporary, it will be integrated into note editor similar to desktop note editor.


I think I might be missing something, but isn’t the temporary screen still coming from the desktop code?

I know about the note editor thing. It’s been in like planning for ever. Hopefully, all the work will soon come to fruition.