More Bullet shapes

Look at the unordered list in the image below :point_down:. I want level 4 and level 5 have their own shapes (not reusing square bullet from level 3). how can I add more shapes? (manually or by using an addon)

bullet list

You can change the CSS in the styling section for this card type.
Refer to section 6.3 in the Anki documentation for the styling section.

In the CSS you can choose bullet styles for nested list bullets. Try adding this outside the .card { ... } in the styling section of the card:

Old version
li {

li li {

li li li {

li li li li {
    list-style:"□  ";

li li li li li {
    list-style:"▶  ";

Better version: More Bullet shapes - #6 by Hossein

Hello @ArsenLapin. Thank you for your response.

I applied these code in styling section but the problem still persist.
Below is styling section so if i made any mistake, please tell me so I know how to correct it.

You seem to have done exactly the same thing as me, and it worked for me. At least it worked on the Desktop version. I didn’t check on my phone.

Note that the CSS changes don’t show in the note’s wysiwyg editor, but they show on the card when you study the deck.

It’s even worst for me :slight_smile:
all my bullet levels are same now: disk!

at least for me, this is the corrct version of your code:

ul li {
    list-style-type:"• ";

ul ul li {
    list-style-type:"◦ ";

ul ul ul li {
    list-style-type:"▪ ";

ul ul ul ul li {
    list-style:"▫ ";

ul ul ul ul ul li {
    list-style:"▴ ";

ul ul ul ul ul ul li {
    list-style:"▵ ";

The editor live preview addon kind of solves this.

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