Media references don’t auto refresh in 2.1.60

On 2.1.49. I have some data in a
JSON file that gets loaded into my cards.
As I’m reviewing, and make changes to this file I’m able to see the live on my cards without needing to restart anki. In fact any file I change in works this way

However, after upgrading to 2.1.60 this doesn’t work anymore. Instead, I have to re-launch Anki, which is a pain for my use case.

Was this is this an intended change? Is there any way I can keep the lovely 2.1.60 but still get live refresh

There was a media change in 2.1.66 could you check it out?

Media check now automatically extracts images that have been embedded in fields.

Releases · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Not really, if we added it back, would need to launch a new version, 23.12 or 24.xx>

I don’t think it’s exactly an intended change, but was made as part of a fix for a CSS issue. For context:

You can work around it for now with a simple add-on. Here’s an example of how to do that:

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