Manual / FAQ Wiki

After this thread:

And also after reading this one:

I’m wondering if a wiki system for the program’s documentation could be considered.

Personally, I think a wiki system would have many advantages over github for documentation, specially for those of us -non native english speakers- who have reservations about writing “official” documentation (grammar mistakes can be easily corrected by other users), or for those users who really would like to contribute to documentation, but are intimidated by the github system and find the wiki system much easier and intuitive.

I believe that the adoption of a wiki system would result in faster updates of the official documentation and, at the same time, would help to free developers from the burdensome task of proofreading.


Way back in Anki’s early days, the docs were on a wiki. I found it frustrating to deal with abuse and low-quality contributions. A wiki doesn’t remove the burden of review - changes still need to be checked, but the difference is that they’ve already gone through in the wiki case, so other work needs to be put on hold when a page defacement needs cleaning up.

Note however that this forum does support marking a post as a wiki page, allowing others to edit it. And there have been some good long-form posts made here, such as Card Templates: User Input 101 (buttons, keyboard shortcuts, etc.) [Guide]. More could be done to make them easier to find - perhaps having a separate category for them, or a separate wiki post that lists them all.


Maybe that particular post (and other similer ones) could be linked directly in the official documentation.

No objections to PRs adding links to useful content that aren’t trying to sell something :slight_smile: