Make left justified text more centered on cloze deletion

Hey there,

I want to make left justified text more centered on a cloze deletion card.
Unfortunately I am using a card template of the anking which is very complicated to understand in the source code. Is there a simple solution to this I could add to the source code?

It looks like this atm

strange, i use the MCAT style one (from anking) and the text is centered

but even on the anking-master-v2 it is centered

would recommend replacing the “front”,“back” and “styling” (shamim) from

Yeah what I want is that I have left justified text but more in the middle of the screen

Place all the fields in your front and back within divs like this

<div class="centeredBox"><div class="leftAlign">
[all your fields]

Then to the styling section, add this css

.centeredBox {
text-align: center;
.leftAlign {
display: inline-block;
text-align: left;

To change the width of the content, add max-width: X to the centeredBox styling, where X is either a value in percentage like 80% or in pixels like 500px.

Ah got it! So in [all your fields] I place the name of the columns I use on that card template?

The wrapper meta addon was made for stuff like this

I just downloaded it and that button works like a champ! Thank you very much!