Mac OS, 'Browser' and 'Add' Windows Not Opening in Tabs after update to Anki 2.1.29

I am sharing a reddit post here. I was not the OP of that post, but have the same concern, so sharing the link…

Anki prompted me to update to the newest version, 2.1.29, yesterday. I did. I had to get an add-on again. But the problem that I haven’t been able to solve is that every window opens anew, not in a new tab as before. This is troublesome especially on a smaller screen.

I googled it a little but couldn’t find a working solution. The solutions posted were either outdated or I tried them and they didn’t work. Here are similar posts that describe the same problem: this and

this(change preference to “Always” for opening doc in new tabs in System Preferences).

Is there an add-on or some other way that I can configure Anki to open new windows, e.g. Browse or Add, in new tabs rather than in new windows? Note that now, even in fullscreen mode, Add or Browse are opened in new fullscreen windows and not tabs.

Thank you in advance. Regards.

Try the latest beta version -

Standard Mac build rolled back to Qt 5.14, to fix “show windows in tabs” not working.


Thank you, I will try it out.