Link to the current forum


Why doesn’t forum link present at the main menu at the like other sites?
IMHO it will be very useful, and some members don’t need to refind it in the browser’s history.

It’s to be found in a logical place. If you click support and scroll down the link to the forum is shown.

Yes, you absolutely right.

Community/Forum is an important part of any software’s site and not only. So the link must be in the main visible part of the menu or submenu for easy access. It’s one of the most clicked links of the site. And I don’t think that a good idea to place for one of the most clicked links so - need clicks any links, then scroll down, then do something else, and finally, you can see a small text link “To forum”. As a duplicate version - yes, as only one version - as I said I don’t think that a good idea.
If tell a short, please look at the most simple sites of software, many sites will have a link in the main menu or submenu. I don’t think most developers of sites are wrong.
It’s all IMHO.