JavaScript problem on Mac with Anki ⁨2.1.45+

The below code for a dictionary link (which sits as part of the back template for some of my types) still works with Anki on iOS and it worked on Anki on my Mac (11.5.2) before I updated to Anki 2.1.45. The problem remains with Anki 2.1.46.

   var dictAddressRoot = getComputedStyle(document.documentElement).getPropertyValue('--indoDictRoot');
   var dictAddress = dictAddressRoot.concat("/
{{text:Audio Word(s)}}");
   // window.alert(dictAddress) 

<a href="https://" onclick="location.href=this.href+dictAddress;return false;" class=dictLinkStyle><small>KBBI</small></a> 

Basically, because of the dictionary website’s unreliability it’s easier for me to keep the dictionary’s web address in the css file I use for many Anki types (it’s easier to make a global change to which dictionary I use).

Does Anki still support this sort of code?

Did you test it yourself on Anki 2.1.45+?

(I’ve now edited my post to clarify this.)

The styling section was only intended for styling. You can place JS in an external file and import it on your template to share it across multiple templates, and that should work across the clients.