Javascript in deck description

Hi Damien,

I noticed that Javascript can run on deck description for desktop. To my knowledge, that is not the case for AnkiMobile. Would adding this functionality be possible in the feasible future? I am aware right now development its ina bugbix stage.

There is no deck overview screen in AnkiMobile - it jumps straight into study when you tap on a deck. And the description was not intended to be a place to run Javascript - I would advise against using it, as it may be filtered out in the future.

if you tap on the numbers in front of the deck name, it’ll take you to the deck overview

Thank you, that is something I could not try out as I do not have an iPhone.

That is the same as in Ankidroid then.

What i meant was that’s possible in ankidroid, don’t know about abkimobile