Japanese Kakikotoba Plug-In / Pull from dictionary?

Hello lovely people,

Japanese has a unique property which is that some vocabulary is exclusively used in written language (Kakikotoba), while others may be used when speaking (Hanasukotoba).
To give an example of what I mean: If you’re using a dictionary like Wadoku (German-Japanese) you will stumble upon words like “恋慕” which is one way of saying “love” and a small tag telling you this word is exclusively used in written Japanese.
When speaking Japanese you really want to avoid grammar and vocabulary used in written Japanese only. Now, I know there are add-ons created by intelligent people that can pull definitions from dictionaries…
My question is, whether there is a way to pull information from the web on whether or not a word is a Kakikotoba or not. It would be very useful. I wouldn’t want to do all of that manually.

Thanks in advance.