Is there any way to make it hard to delete Anki cards?

I notice that it is actually quite easy to delete anki cards accidentally in many contexts. For example pressing U can often delete the cards as well as accidental keystrokes in the browse tab.

Is there any setting that makes it harder to delete cards?

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I’m not familiar with the U key being a shortcut at all in Anki. Which version of Anki are you using? Or is it maybe an add-on that is defining this key for you?

On the desktop Ctrl+Del deletes a note, but you can’t really delete an individual card with any shortcut. In the card editing screens you can do Remove Card Type to remove a particular card for every instance of some note type. Or you could edit the front template in such a way that it becomes blank for some cards, but even then you would need to run Empty Cards to actually make those blank front end cards go away.


The U shortcut was added as an alternative to Ctrl+Z (Reviewer only) in version 2.1.63

2.1.63 changelog


Maybe try the Customize Keyboard Shortcuts add-on. I used it to disable almost every shortcut. I think the one you want to disable is "reviewer delete note". Mine says "reviewer delete note": "<nop>" and I assume it’s working because I haven’t accidentally been deleting cards.

(Now I just wish there were still a warning to prevent accidentially deleting entire decks!)

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