Is there a way to display interval or due date of the card inside the template?

I would like to get the interval or due date inside the HTML of a template like you also get fields, e.g. {{someField}}? I take everything. Timestamp, date or days as integer, doesn’t matter.

Couldn’t find an answer to this in the documentation or elsewhere. So is it even possible?

Thanks for any suggestion!

You can do that with Additional Card Fields (Fork for 2.1) add-on

That’s a solution, but since it’s a plugin it won’t work on mobile. So it’s unfortunately not usable for my specific case. But thank you very much!

What is your case? There could be a workaround.

I want to be able to modify the frontpage based on the interval dynamically. E.g. for language learning and sentence cards: After a while it makes sense to only review vocab instead the whole sentence. This must be done in JavaScript.
And it must also work on mobile, so I can’t use plugins.

When i Retire a card, i suspend it; then, once in a while i move the suspended cards to Retired deck.

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