Is it pointless for me to use Anki? Too busy in med school

I am unsure if I should keep using Anki. I am very particular about my cards so like to make my own, not pre-made but on top of this I go to lectures and pre-read them, so have no time during term time to review. I have exams twice a year, so I use Anki in the revision periods (1-2 months) prior to the exams.

Is this a pointless way of using Anki? I don’t want to use pre-made cards, but instead of this method should I just scrap Anki? Or can I just use settings tailored for short-term use?

For example, now I have 3000 cards to learn for 3 weeks time. I am worried that the algorithm will not work and the time on reviews will be wasted, as will the time I spent during term to make my cards.

The time creating these cards was likely well spent, because you have actively dealt with your topics. Reviewing these cards will benefit you throughout your career. (How do I know? I have several thousand hand-made medicine cards on my own and they help me tremendously.)

In my opinion, however, it’s too late to learn the 3000 cards now. You would have to learn 140 new cards every day and the reviews would overwhelm you. Perhaps you could look at cards to accompany your learning.

In your next term, try to introduce the cards as soon as you made them. 3000 cards over e.g. 5 months is 20 new cards a day, which should be doable in terms of daily new cards and reviews.

that’s why now i turn to unlimited media collection,
just turn every ebook PDF (I dont use paper book nowadays) into .png or jpeg,
use media import addon to feed into anki as “basic”.
then, when ever you want to make image occlusion,
just click on it and make into a new image occlusion card.
ps: i’ll suspend those “basic” cards so they wont appear on the study.

IOE dont work well with 2.1.57+,
and only 2.1.57+ have self-sync-server.

how funny.

That is a LOT of cards, I won’t even touch on if it’s worth it but that sounds like hell going through. It’s probably not a bad idea to start with a smaller amount of cards every day that doesn’t overwhelm you and discourage you. Trying to get that many in three weeks sounds like an awful time.

I’d recommend triaging to the topics you feel least comfortable with (skipping the ones you aren’t, hotkey is “-”) and then coming back to the others at some other point.

Haven’t used it, but there’s also reddit’s medicalschoolanki, they have some prebuilt decks and a schedule you can follow

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