@import url in Custom scheduling

Does the custom scheduler accept the @import url command?
I did some tests here with nonexistent files and no error message appeared.


The idea is to make the FSRS code easier to maintain.do @L.M.Sherlock

Where does the js file store?

In the media folder (collection.media).
The Underline ( _ ) in the filename is so that it will not be deleted when checking media.
Works for card (CSS) styling. It would be an excellent option for custom scheduling as well.


But when should we need it? Now the entire code of FSRS could be copied from the GitHub repo, and users could paste it into their Anki’s custom scheduling box. It is simpler than storing the js file collection.media.

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I’m considering creating an add-on.
Really, since I’m a programmer, I don’t like to see code as plain text. :slight_smile:

Sorted out.

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