Image occlusion text mask?

Is there a way to make text part of the mask like image occlusion enhanced did? If not, could you add it?

For example in image occlusion enhanced I’d have a mask with text in front of it and when I flipped the card, both would disappear. I like that since I don’t have to put it farther away like in the header or something.

If I rephrase it, you want to able to have an image occlusion mask with text on it. Is that correct? In the current implementation of image occlusion you can have text on front but flipping the card doesn’t hide it. (you need to toggle masks?)

Yup exactly, text is possible on front but flipping the card doesn’t hide it. Can you elaborate on toggling masks?

You can toggle the masks. Toggle to show/hide them I mean.

Oh, that’s a whole extra step then. I guess it’s my best bet, but I’ll probably stick to putting it in the header or next to the mask until they add it.

Yes cloze cards have such a thing so this makes sense.