Image Occlusion blue edge boxes are too big when the selection is small


I’ve added this to Various minor I/O issues · Issue #2774 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Is this acceptable? (No changes done)


Personally, I think it looks better than before, but I suspect @slabz’s issue is that the content is being obscured by the borders (which we could perhaps fix by moving them further out, so that e.g. the top left circle just touches the top left of the yellow, instead of overlapping it)

Okay, I will fix by checking the height/width of shape and accordingly reduce control corner size.

That might make it hard to control with a finger, as the four corners would be very close together. What about putting them outside the shape instead - is that something fabric.js supports?

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There is option to add padding to control corner. I will update it in next PR.

Controls customization | Fabric.js Demos (


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