If field contains lots of text, make font smaller?

Is there a script to make the font size of a field smaller if it contains a lot of text, but bigger if it is a single world or 3-4 words?
Thanks for the help!


you can use JavaScript to resize the text given a threshold.

<div id="fit"><span id="wrap" class="">{{Front}}</span></div>

(function(w, d) {
        var fit = d.getElementById("fit");
        var wrap = d.getElementById("wrap");
        fontFitResize(fit, wrap);
    function fontFitResize(fit, wrap, step = 0.5) {
        var currentSize;
        while(fit.offsetWidth < wrap.offsetWidth) {
            currentSize = parseFloat(w.getComputedStyle(wrap, null).getPropertyValue('font-size'));
            wrap.style.fontSize = (currentSize - step) + 'px';
    })(window, document);
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