How to use "user action" in "image occlusion" template

(As shown in the first picture )
lf a picture has more than one occlusion (≥ 2), can the “user action” function be used to uncover the occlusion in turn?


I tried to piece together the “user action” equation in the template, but none of them worked.

Can you help me? Please.
I think it will be a great function for everyone.

If it can’t be operated, can you add this function in future anki updates?

Sorry, this is not a supported feature at the moment. We’ll keep an eye on demand for it.

Thanks for taking the time to answer me.
Excuse me, is it convenient for you to guide me where to check the relevant code of the image-occlusion-enhanced template?

(I would like to ask, is the card opening action triggered entirely by javascript shown in the second picture on the webpage?)
(I didn’t find this template in the user manual → image occlusion enhanced)

I want to learn the basics of javascript after December and try to solve it.

Please note that “enhanced” is the name of an add-on. The built in support is just called “image occlusion”.

The Javascript code is contained inside Anki, and does not currently expose a method to do what you want I’m afraid.

oh. All right. I will try to finish it.
If I finish, I will send the relevant templates to the community.
Thank you for your efforts for anki.
(* ^-^ *)

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