How to use the next-generation spaced repetition algorithm FSRS on Anki?

Another question. Is it possible not to take the time spent on a card into account? Often times I do the reviews and go out and the card is staying on display for hours.

It depends on your requested retention. If it’s higher than your true retention, the increment on daily review is expected.

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Anki has truncated the time spent on each card.

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Hi, I’ve seen that you recently updated FSRS to V.4, however I’m now unable to run the optimizer, basically I get stuck at step 2.1 with this output:

Judging by the first line, the number of cards in my deck that recieve good as first rating is incredibly small and not bound to increase in the future as per the nature of the deck itself.
Is there a workaround to be able to use the optimizer or I’m stuck with V3 for now? (the deck is almost 4 months old, there should be enough data to run a meaningful optimization right? I mean I’m aware that my memory is kinda weak and the default parameters would make my retention drop into nothingness lol, so a substantial difference from default values existed)

This is the result of the previous step if it helps:

Thanks for your report! Could you share your file with me? I need to find out a solution without inducing unexpected behavior.

Sure, here it is: Gofile - Free Unlimited File Sharing and Storage

And your timezone and next_day_starts_at.

They are Europe/Rome, and 4

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Solved. Please use v4.3.1.


So sorry if this has been answered before. If I am a new user of anki (no real anki deck review history), does it make sense to use the optimizer or is it enough to just add the FSRS code to my scheduler?

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If you are a new user of Anki, you may not have enough data to employ the optimizer. You can just add the FSRS code to your scheduler, because the default parameters are generated from average users.

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Apologies if this has been asked already, or if I have missed something somewhere. Should I not be using ankidroid with this?

I like use ankidroid for the review/learning portion, and then switch to pc to mine cards.
I saw vaibhav’s comment about auto reschedule after sync, but also comments about v3 not being supported on ankidroid, as well as the FAQ on the github so I am just trying to verify. Will it work as intended if I review on ankidroid and then sync and reschedule? It’s not like it will kill me to just do reviews on desktop, but I figured I would ask for convenience sake.

Of cause. You can use AnkiDroid.

Thanks for the quick reply, it doesn’t have to be the alpha that is compatible with v3 or anything right? Syncing then rescheduling will just do the same thing?
Not to bombard you with questions just trying to be cautious.

Yes. You can still use the old version of AnkiDroid.

Hello, Thanks for your effort to make FSRS.
Few days ago I posted about some scheduling issue and got an answer
suggesting Anki FSRS. I copy-pasted the code and also optimised the steps.
Some learning steps get huge increment, while some reviewing steps decreased.
So my question is, will it increase my retention and overall command over the deck?
(For context, previously I used the settings suggested by Dr.Conan,(i.e. not the default one). I don’t know coding and I’m use Anki for medical admission test which is supposed to take place in December. I’ve ~7k cards and I do ~200 cards/day)

Thanks for your patience for reading.
Conan’s video: Guide to Anki Intervals and Learning Steps - YouTube

FSRS only controls the long-term schedule. So I don’t know what you mean that “some learning steps get huge increment, while some reviewing steps decreased.”

FSRS will help you achieve your requested retention in long-term. So it could increase your command over the deck.

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Sorry, re-learning steps*

The re-learning step is red (not green or blue) in the reviewer window. It is set manually in the options and not set by FSRS.

Do you mean

  • the normal review intervals (green)?
  • the new interval after a lapse, i.e., the green review that comes after the red re-learning step(s)?
    • Conan Liu suggests a new interval of 70% in the video, which is huge and probably much more than you get using FSRS.
    • The new interval after a lapse in FSRS is discussed here.

edit: With the colors, I’m referring to Anki Desktop only. There, it looks like this:
And the buttons don’t have colors:

the normal review intervals (green)

They were Slightly longer than expected….
As per Conan’s settings, this should be 15 days
(if pressed good, intervals=1day,6days,15 days)
And it’s 24 days after enabling fsrs
Now I am slightly worried, if I can remember that after 22 days just studying the card 3 times