How to search for equals sign

Is there a way to search for an equals sign? Searching for = or “=” on its own doesn’t exclude any cards, and backslash plus = yields an “Invalid search” message.

Apologies if this is answered in the manual, but I didn’t see anything about it under “Matching special characters”.

The problem is that nearly every back template will have

<hr id=answer>

See Field Replacements - Anki Manual

And therefore every card will be found.

Can you refine your search to include more context besides the = sign itself?

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Good idea. Luckily, in this case, I was able to use " = ", with a space on either side of the equals sign, and get what I wanted. Thanks!


Searches don’t look at templates. But they do look at the underlying HTML in fields, so if you have image links, it will match the <img src=...>.

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That makes sense. All of the cards in the deck I was searching were imported from a spreadsheet with html text coloring that used an equals sign, so that explains it. Thanks!

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