How to make PR for ankitects/anki on github?

I try make a PR, but failed: ==>
Pull request creation failed. Validation failed: must be a collaborator

In your first pull request, please add your name below. By adding your name to
this file, you assert that any code you contribute to the Anki project is
licensed under the BSD 3 clause license. If any pull request you make contains
code that you don’t own the copyright to, you agree to make that clear when
submitting the request.

When submitting a pull request, GitHub Actions will check that the Git email you
are submitting from matches the one you used to edit this file. A common issue
is adding yourself to this file using the username on your computer, but then
using GitHub to rebase or edit a pull request online. This will result in your
Git email becoming something like To prevent the
automatic check from failing, you can edit this file again using GitHub’s online
editor, making a trivial edit like adding a space after your name, and then pull
requests will work regardless of whether you create them using your computer or
GitHub’s online interface.
anki/CONTRIBUTORS at main · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Please also see anki/docs/ at main · ankitects/anki · GitHub

It’s not my first PR and I was in the [anki/CONTRIBUTORS ]
My email:

And now it’s ok for the PR
and I don’t know why.

Apparently this can be caused by GitHub’s spam protection.

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