How to make hint hypertext larger?

I use a hint with my decks:

<div id="tags">{{Tags}}</div>

<div id="front">{{Front}}</div>

<div id="hint">{{hint:Hint}}</div>

<hr id="answer">

“Hint” is a relatively small target, and sometimes I miss and reveal the answer instead. Is there a way to change the prose of the hint (e.g., “click here for hint”?) Or perhaps even make it two lines?

I have managed to increase its size via CSS, but it changes the whole hint, not just the initial “hint” text/button.

.hint {
  font-size: 150%;
  line-spacing: 150%;
.hint::before {
  content: 'Click for ';

You should be able to style a.hint in your card styling.

Thank you, that works. Is there a way to have such a styling apply to all of my decks using that note type, or do I have to go and modify each one?

Modifying the notetype will alter all notes that use that notetype.

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