How to get rid of these bazel java processes after exiting anki dev?

After I open anki and exit, these java processes keep filling my ram. How can I make them exit after I close anki on Windows?
Tracing build problems
You can run bazel with ‘-s’ to print the commands that are being executed.

Also, how could I use this -s option on Windows? I just migrated to this bazel thing, and I only know how to open anki by calling run.bat. I tried editing bazel.bat, but did not worked:

F:\anki2>\bazel\bazel -s --output_user_root=\bazel\anki run  //qt:runanki -k --
[FATAL 03:08:07.277 src/main/cpp/] Unknown startup option: '-s'.
  For more info, run 'bazel help startup_options'.


-s needs to come after the run command

‘bazel shutdown’ will stop it running, or you can adjust the default idle shutdown time with the following in user.bazelrc in the repo root. You’ll need to restart it after making the change.

startup --max_idle_secs=600