How to generate more than 2 audio files by utilizing ex. awesome TTS?

for example, when two sentences as below are registered in the source field, two different audio files would like to be generated.

-source filed-
This is an apple. This is an orange.

Could you inform how to write in the field, for example by using some tags… or any optional setting in the configuration, …

Why generate more than one audio file from one field?

In order to review every sentence by clicking a corresponding audio button.
Thank you in advance for your anticipated support in this matter.


  1. creating ex. 10 fields by the name of source-1, source-2, …, source-X
  2. break a text into sentences
  3. register the sentence to each field
  4. then, generate audio files in sequence (bothering!)

Is there a any way to automatically generate more than 2 audio files (ex) by specifying some delimiters in the text in a filed.

Does anyone inform me if it is possible?

Can you give us some screenshots and examples? Hard to imagine by reading description.

image-5 image-4 image3 image2 image-1

For example,
Eventually, 2 audio files would like to be generated as in image-2.
Though currently 2 actions are required as in image-4 and 5, do it single(1) action as in image-3 (ex) by including some delimiters as in image-1 (source3 filed)

Create a Note Type with 3 fields

{{tts}} is Anki build-in feature, use Win 10 TTS

{{tts en_US voices=Microsoft_David:Front}}
{{tts en_US voices=Microsoft_Zira:Source1}}
{{tts en_US voices=Microsoft_Zira:Source2}}



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Thank you for your continued support.
With the purpose of compatibility and quality, I would like to call precompiled audio file (google TTS), but anki TTS. Could you give me additional support for creating more than 2 audio files from 1 field (example above) by using (ex) awesome TTS.

Sorry, I know nothing about Google TTS.

I appreciate for your dedicated support.

Could anyone who have extensive familiarity with awesome TTS advise me (or inform me some workaround) how to create more than two audio files from 1 source filed (detailed explanation (what would like to do) described above)?

I use multiple audio notes in my cards made from Awesome TTS. I don’t know of any way to limit the audio generation so that it only occurs up to a certain point in the sentence. It may be possible with advanced TTS knowledge and using one of the advanced TTS services (Amazon? Azure?). To my knowledge, the audio file will generate speech for the entirety of the text that is sent.

What you want to do seems unnecessarily complicated… I have to ask what is the purpose of this? Why do you not want to use a single voice in generating the entire text field? Why do you want the text field broken into multiple voices?

This is the closest solution I can think of to approach what you want. In your example, why not create ‘Source1_audio’ and ‘Source2_audio’ fields, then in the cards you input those sound fields? That’s what I do.


Then in the card, you format…

You would have to manually create source_audio1 and source_audio2 separately, but to be honest I think that is a trivial matter if you batch generate all of your audio files. You would also have to be doing this anyway if you’re wanting to use different TTS voices for the different sentence fragments within a card. Not sure if I understand what you are trying to do correctly…