How to Find Words in Browse Mode?


Is there a shortcut, option or addon to Find words in a card, when in Browse Mode?

My screen just shows “Cut”, “Copy”, “Paste”…


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Highlight Search Results in the Browser

Thanks for reminding me it existed.


Thanks, but that’s not exactly what I’m looking for…

I don’t want to highlight the searched words, because then I will end up filtering the cards that have that word.

What I need is to be able to click on a card via Browse, and within the front or back editor, search for a desired word or expression, like what we do in Word documents or browsers (using the shortcut keys Ctrl+F). I’d like to do this without typing the word in the Browse’s “Search card/notes”.

There isn’t a feature like that – and I’m unaware of any add-ons. I would suppose that’s mostly because you ordinarily won’t have so many words in a Note that you can’t find the word at a glance.

Probably your easiest workaround is to copy your lengthy text out into a text/word processor program, and search there.


True Danika, I did exactly that a few times with my lenghty cards. I was just trying to shorten the process. Thanks

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extended editor for field (for tables, search&replace, …) adds a button (“TM”) to open the field in TinyMCE.

Support thread:

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the addon Search Bar seems relevant.

problem: it hasn’t been working over the last year for recent anki versions. i made a fixed version that I could upload next month (and it shouldn’t be too hard to add a context menu entry that reads the current selection).

I think there’s another older addon available that offers the same function, maybe a paid addon on some patreon from before 2020. I don’t remember.

using my addon “extended editor” should work in general but has the downside that it only works for one field at a time.


Thanks, this is the solution that came closest to what I needed, so far.

Thanks, I tried this addon, but it really didnt’t worked in my 23.12.1 Version. Hope you can upload the fixed version!