How to download all shared decks or search for a specific term/tag in all shared decks?

I need to see how other Anki users design their cards to get inspiration and guidance on how I could design my own. Things how like they’re worded, structured etc.

So I wonder, is there way to download all shared Anki decks? Perhaps there is a data dump or a GitHub repository that contains all these decks? Alternatively, is there a way to search for a specific term or tag across all shared decks? For example I could want to see how other users have designed cards about Mathematical derivatives, Python decorators or higher order functions. I can’t scrape ankiweb for obvious reasons.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

At this point as nobody came forward, I’m thinking that what I’m seeking doesn’t exist. Consequently, and considering I’m under pressure to come with a solution to my study, I’m left with devising a strategy to download all or most of the decks in a way that doesn’t overload the server, as this seems to be the only solution possible for me. If you have anything to suggest before I start working on it (tomorrow) then let me know.