How to display the card preview inside a QDockWidget?

I’m working on an add-on that consists in a QDockWidget containing a QLabel, some buttons and a QTableWidget. Each row of the table displays the id from the cards I studied in a certain amount of days filtered by the correspoinding ease I choose when answered the cards. When I click in a certain row, the content of the card is showed in the QLabel as RichText, however, I want it to display the actual preview of the card instead. How to implement this feature?

P.s. I’ve looked into the source code of the add-on “Editor Live Preview”, which displays the preview of the card in the Editor window. I tried to adapt its code to work with mine but I could only figure out how to display the AnkiWebView inside the QDockWidget (picture below). I have no idea about how to display the actual card though.

The empty area above the button that’s above the table is where the card should be displayed.

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