How do I find and replace HTML?

I want to find all “strike” tags and replace them with “del” tags.

Regular “Find and replace” feature should work.


To prevent making Counterstrike Counterdel in your note content, use the following RegEx:



Replace With




That worked, thanks!

Where can I find out more info about what (.*?) and $1 do?

Did you know to do that off the top of your head, or did you look in the manual?

[Searching - Anki Manual]

That’s regular expression syntax (specifically for Rust, the programming language that Anki uses for backend operations).

Regular expressions (also called “regex” or “RegEx”) are a way of specifying patterns in text. They are used to find, match, and manipulate text strings.

A regular expression consists of a sequence of characters that defines a search pattern. These characters can be ordinary characters (like “a” or “5”), or special characters (like “*” or “?”) that have a special meaning.

(.*?) creates a so-called capture group for arbitrary text between the <strike> tags, and with $1 we reference that group, i.e. we tell Anki to insert capture group 1 in the replacement.

Similar to JavaScript support in templates, this is an advanced feature of Anki that caters to the tech-savy userbase. Therefore you won’t find a tutorial on it in the manual.

If you’re interested to learn more, I can highly recommend as a playground.


Before, Anki would use the following for color:

<font color="#aa00ff"><b>と思いきや</b></font>

Then I updated Anki in July of last year, from then it does color like this:

<span style="color: rgb(170, 0, 255);"><b>そばから</b></span>

Since it was an update, I am assuming the latter has some benefits?

So, using your code above, to change the old font tags to span tags:


<font color="#aa00ff"><b>(.*?)</b></font>

Replace With

<span style="color: rgb(170, 0, 255);"><b>$1</b></span>

This would work, right? I guess I would also have to find both <font color="#aa00ff"><b> and <b><font color="#aa00ff">, since I probably bolded first sometimes.

I believe the color changes are an implementation byproduct rather than a deliberate change. Your example looks reasonable at first glance; when in doubt, create a backup first so you can revert if anything goes wrong.

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