How do I delete blank cards?

There are several blank cards in my decks. I bury them, but then the next time I use that deck, the blank cards are back. How can I delete these blank cards?

Try Tools > Empty cards.


Hi Black Beans. Were you the person who created a drum background for my mandolin tune Constitution March? I want to credit you in my YouTube account!

I’ll try Tools>Empty Cards, but I think I have already tried that.


Oh, dear me. Someone at Mandolin Cafe, last year sometime I think it was, created a drum track that I put behind one of my mandolin tunes. Here it is for you to listen to. I was thinking it was you,but apparently not?

I think I’ll write a new post to everyone so that the person who made that for me will tell me. I did have them credited in my YouTube channel, but then when I deleted the corrupt channels, I accidentally deleted their name/credits.


I think I was able to delete all the empty cards at once. Time will tell. Thanks for the information.